Enhance your computing experience with TCET Linux

TCET Linux • A 64-bit GNU/Linux distribution for TCET Mumbai

Powered by Arch Linux & the TCET Open Source Community, TCET Linux the the premier operating system for engineering education in TCET Mumbai.


  • 64 bit x86_64 processor (Intel/AMD), with atleast 2 CPU cores. (32-bit not supported)
  • Any GPU/iGPU with OpenGl 3.3+ support.
  • Atleast 2GB DDR3/DDR4 RAM.
  • Atleast 20GB HDD/SSD storage. (Although installer will allow min 8GB)
  • Basic WPA/WPA2 compatible wifi card or ethernet supported motherboard.

TCET Linux source code and installers are available for download
for all versions!!

Create Bootable USB Windows ↗ Mac / Linux ↗


TCET Linux Installation Steps

1. Welcome Screen

Launch the installer by searching for 'Install TCET Linux'. The installer will look like this.

2. Add Your Location

Select your location by clicking on the timezones on the map. If you have internet connection, this should happen automatically.

3. Select Your Keyboard

Keyboard layout is automatically mapped by location. You can also check if the keyboard layout is correct by texting it in the text box.

4. Storage Partition

Automatic installation will create a Fat32 EFI System Partition, and a root partition with the selected filesystem. Default filesystem is ext4. We recommend you to do a manual installation. Checkout the tutorials page on how to do manual partitioning on UEFI/GPT systems.

5. User details

Add your username that will be visible on the login screen. The administrator account password is for the root user. You can keep it different from regular user to improve security, or keep it same for the sake of convenience.

6. Summary

This section will give you a summary of the choices you have made.

7. Installation

Installation will take around 5-10 minutes, depending on the speed of your SSD/HDD.

8. Installation Done

You can restart the system and boot into fresh install of TCET Linux

Verify Your Download

Steps 1:


Open windows terminal (powershell) in the Downloads folder or wherever the ISO is and type:

certutil -hashfile iso-name.iso sha256


open terminal in the Downloads folder or wherever the ISO is and type:

shasum -a 256 iso-name.iso


Open terminal in the Downloads folder or wherever the ISO is and type:

sha256sum iso-name.iso

Steps 2:

In all the above cases, if the returned value matches with the sha256sum given below, your download is authentic.

SHA256SUMS Below:

IMAGE: tcetlinux-2024.01.09-x86_64.iso


IMAGE is iso-name.iso in step 1. It is the file that you have downloaded. Verification is done to check the authenticity of the file you have downloaded. Large files may get corrupted in the download process. TCET Linux team provides a new checksum for every new release of the operating system.

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